Nozohaem ® is a unique, gel treatment for nosebleeds that stops the bleeding moments. Available from all good chemists without prescription, Nozohaem is safe, simple and quickto self-adminster. Once the bleeding has stopped, the gel just dries away leaving no unpleasant taste.


What does Nozohaem contain?
Active substance: Glycine – an amino acid produced by the body, which is used to form protein. One protein that uses a great deal of glycine is the connective tissue (collagen). Collagen is needed to enable the blood platelets to function effectively and reduce bleeding.

Excipient: Calcium – can be found all over the body and facilitates the formation of a blood coagulant.


Instructions for use_2

Instruction for use

Blow your nose well to remove any blood. Insert the tip of the tube into one nostril, about 1-1.5cm, and start pressing the gel out of the tube. At the same time, hold the thumb and index finger on your other hand over the wing of your nose to fix the pipette in place.


How should Nozohaem be used?

Adults and children from the age of seven years, or when children can apply the gel themselves – there are no problems for children when it comes to using Nozohaem.


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